Why RedFez

One of the hardest parts about setting up a business is deciding on a name.

We needed a name that was short and punchy, would sound professional, but not pidgeonhole us. It also needed to a have web-domain available! There are lots of IT related terms we could have used but most of them were already taken. Even if the company with the name we liked were operating thousands of miles away, we didn't want to spend time building a brand only to run into problems later. We are starting off small and local, but we don't expect to stay that way.

We like cats. Especially black ones. We'd have liked some reference to "Blackcat" in the name but this is surprisingly common and many people use it. There's blackcat this, blackcat that and blackcat the other, so we settled instead for a black cat in the logo. As for the Red Fez? Well, we bought a couple of Fezzes for our children a few years ago as a nod to one of our favourite TV programmes - Doctor Who. Helen happened to try one on one day and it just clicked. RedFez. That's the name. And the black cat in the logo should wear a red fez.

Our thanks go to James Gaden at Halographic for the logo design. He managed to hit the brief we gave him and came up with something quite unique. We love it and hope you do to.