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We aim to provide a whole range of IT services to small business clients and to home PC users. From fixing your computer when it goes wrong to advising on the best setup and hardware for your circumstances, from producing a great looking promotional website to monitoring and maintaining your IT set-up, we aim to make sure your IT works for you so that you can spend time on the things that matter to you and your business. We are a small, friendly company, and we offer simple, secure, effective and easy to understand solutions without all the technobabble or jargon.

Service and Support

We know how important it is that your IT hardware runs as it should. It is incredibly frustrating when things don't quite work right or, worse, fail completely. You need to make sure things are back up and running as quickly as possible. The temptation is to "sort it yourself". But in all honesty, you don't have time for that. Let us take over and do it for you. Or sometimes you might wonder where to go or who to speak to to get it sorted. The world of IT often seems a complete mystery and knowing where to go for the best is difficult to decide. Worry no more. We are here to help!

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It isn't really possible these days to run an effective business without a good website. The web is often the first place people look to find a business or trade that can help them. The days of just sticking an add in the yellow pages are long gone! It's also easy to think that just having a facebook page is enough. Whilst social media can be really effective for marketing a website says something about you and your business. It tells potential clients you are serious about what you do and a a quality website also helps to re-inforce the quality of your own goods and services. Like many things IT related it can all seem a little confusing. Contact us and let us help.

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Consultancy and Advice

Thinking of setting up your own business? Looking to upgrade your office pcs? Thinking of getting your first server? Don't make any IT decisions until you've spoken to us. We want to make sure you make the right decision that works for your business saving you money and taking the worry out of the process. Plus, by involving us in the process of building your IT systems from the start we can better understand how your IT works and ensure better support and more reliable performance going forward.