Managed Services


We can manage all your IT systems for you. Not just the hardware, but all of systems that make up your IT infrastructure. So whether its backups or email, data storage or security, we’ve got you covered!


Managed services essentially involves providing a whole range of software bases IT services that we manage on your behalf. These can include:

  • Antivirus
  • Password Management
  • Device Management - Windows, Android or Apple
  • Backups
  • WiFi
  • Email
  • Security
  • Multi Factor Authentication

We used cloud based solutions  which use subscription based pricing, ensuring you don’t have to find a large amount of money for expensive hardware. This helps with your cash flow – you know what you are spending each and every month.

The solutions are also flexible and scaleable, that means they can easily grow as your business grows, or be adjusted and refined to take account of changes in your business.

We can also take over the management of the system you are already using. This can be a great time saver and saves you the hassle and the worry of having to keep on top of them.

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