Cybersecurity is one of the areas that are clients are usually most worried about yet also the most confused. It is not surprising. This is a big, ever changing area and the consequences of getting it wrong can leave you and your business woefully exposed to big losses, both reputationally and financially.


Did you know that 43% of cyberattacks affect small businesses? And did you also know that 60% of small and medium sized business go under within six months of a cyberattack?

Cybersecurity is not an area any business can take lightly. You are not protected just because you are small. In fact, you are more vulnerable.

The trouble is its a confusing area so many people ignore it. But that's exactly the wrong thing to do. This is where we can help. We can  ensure that your business has the protection it needs.

Many small business owners are also worried about cost. And rightly so. Spending thousands of pounds on expensive security hardware is not an option.

But the solutions do not require expensive hardware, just small monthly subscriptions.

According to CNBC, the average cost of a cyber attack is $200,000 or £160,000. Could your business afford that?

Our range of different cybersecurity products start at just £2.50 per user per month

We also have lots of useful cybersecurity advice in our blog

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