It’s really important to keep your computers regularly services so that any potential issues can be dealt with before they become a problem. Each service we do includes the following:


  • Ensure adequate airflow through system
    • Check operation of system fans
    • Ensure cables are not impeding airflow
    • Removal of dust from fans and vents
    • Removal of dust from tower/base unit
  • Clean keyboard, enclosures and screen
  • Check cables for any signs of physical damage
  • Check operation and voltages of PSU
  • General physical inspection of components
  • Test performance of all hard drives


Software/Operating System:

  • Ensure Windows is up to date with all security patches installed
  • Ensure anti-virus is up to date and run a scan if not done in last 3 months
  • Clear out temporary folders and remove unwanted files
  • Run Disk defragmentation if needed
  • Run benchmark tests to ascertain performance of pc and compare to previous tests if these are available



  • Provide report on tasks undertaken and any results
  • Advise on any replacements or upgrades needed or likely timescales for replacements/upgrades


For domestic customers this normally costs £30 inc VAT per computer. However, if you have an RSPCA Fun Day voucher you can get 10% off one service! To find out more or get booked in just send us a message through our contact page.