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Windows 365, The new era of cloud computing?

Windows 365, is it worth it?

With technology and computing advancing minute by minute, having the most up to date software is hard to keep up with. However, the new Microsoft program “Windows 365” seems to be looking to stay in circulation for a long time. It branches out remote connectivity to a whole new level by allowing you to stream your apps, content, and settings from the cloud to any device using a windows 365 cloud desktop.  

Windows 365 allows you to have the online safety and space of the cloud with the ability and power of a pc. This type of software can benefit many dissimilar roles and jobs and could potentially allow any content to be shown securely at any place on any device.  

With the events of the recent past, using cloud devices and online usage has become the norm for many people, Microsoft has created a simple, effortless way to use cloud computing with all the security and enhanced capability you could want. As you are placing the operating system onto the cloud, you can securely stream the full windows experience to your personal or corporate devices This approach creates a fully innovative approach for computing as this kind of versatility has never been seen before in any sort of cloud computing. With this software, you could use 356 on your home pc, stream it to your corporate laptop or desktop and then access your files on a tablet as well.  

Now some may look at windows 365, see the price and start to have negative thoughts about the software, however even with the base price, you still get a virtual CPU running on the Azure Cloud, 2gb of RAM and 64GB of OneDrive cloud storage. The costliest versions of windows 365 will give you 8 virtual CPUs, 32gb of RAM, and 512gb of OneDrive storage. That is a hefty amount for the price you pay monthly or yearly depending on your preference.  

But what about a laptop?

Comparing this to another top of the range laptop, the value of the 365 seems a lot more reasonable in comparison. You get a lot more storage and ram, even with the lowest price option you will be much better off than any other laptop. Another feature of 365 that makes you feel much better off rather than using another laptop is the fact that you simply have a lot more security and online safety on 365 due to it all being on the cloud which usually has the data in an encrypted form. As a lot of the data on a laptop would be saved onto the actual device, this leaves it easily accessible to hacks, accidental loss, and product damage. So, the cloud computing option wins on storage, security, and sensibility.  

However currently windows 365 is currently available for businesses only, ranging from large corporations to small one-man businesses. Later down the line this software would be available for consumers to buy for personal use, however the release date for the public is completely unknown.  

So, to summarise, a windows 365 desktop has a lot of potential to be an extremely useful tool for business and for personal use, however now it is more like an exclusive piece of software for businesses that can afford it at the preliminary stages of release.  But down the line this could be a very innovative piece of technology that allows information to be shared effortlessly.